Monday, November 23, 2009

OPI 2009/2010 & China Glaze Spring 2010

While I don't have a nail of the day (NOTD) to show you, I've got some Spring polish collection news from one of my favorite blogs,

The OPI 2009/2010 collection has a Hong Kong theme. Polish Pixie's post (found here: said the collection is from the winter 2009/2010 collection, while Beauty Anonymous' post, (seen here: said the collection was from spring/summer 2010. The colors included are red, purple, green, blue, orange, gold, and white. I'm really interested in the blue, green, and the light purple colors.

The China Glaze Spring 2010 collection is titled "Up and Away". The colors are pastels, 12 in total, and they look awesome. Here's a link to the post:

Overall, these collections look interesting. I love the themes and I especially love the promo pictures from China Glaze's collection. Which polishes have caught your eye? Happy polishing!

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